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Electrical Department consist of:

A grade III is equipped with skills and knowledge of technique and appropriate tools which are needed to perform a job.- The level requires the operator to have basic principles and good understanding of safety procedures, tools, equipment and materials in order to perform to desired quality, standards and to minimize on production cost.

The major functional areas competency for this level will be the installation and wiring of single phase electrical supply systems; work place safety and procedures, tools and equipment, cables, PVC conduits and mini trunking, lighting and power circuits.

A grade II person is a skilled operator with experience gained at the work place after attaining grade III qualifications and the knowledge of technique and appropriate tools which are needed to perform a job with efficiency and confidence.

The major areas of competency includes; industrial installations and call and alarm circuits. The units covered include measuring instruments, switch gear, factory lighting and power circuits, discharge lamp circuits, earthing, protection and testing of industrial and commercial installations.

A grade I person is a skilled operator with knowledge and skills acquired in Grade III and grade II. This person is qualified to supervise the work of others in construction field.

He is capable of designing installation circuit wiring diagrams and motor control circuits. He is completely able to diagnose faults in electrical installations and electrical appliances and carry out the necessary repairs effectively.

The major areas of functional competency include: machine installations, special installations, overhead and underground distribution systems and electrical installation design estimating and costing.