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      The course is appropriate for people who are new to the field who want to become qualified Secretaries and business people. They are also ideal for existing experienced Personal Assistants who want to increase their skills base or confidence, and at the same time gain a qualification to prove their new skills.

      - These career focused course concentrate on teaching student practical office skills such as assessing different written materials, scanning documents for key points and maintaining high concentration levels at all times. Apart from covering core secretarial subjects, study materials also focus on showing delegates how to work independently or as part of a team. The course content ensure that the candidates become experienced in a variety of IT packages, and that they are able to work on specialist secretarial software.

      - Competent class tutors have a wealth of knowledge and experience behind them, all of which they can use to deliver training extremely effectively. Through live tutor led classes and numerous practical exercises you will be fully prepared for any future administrative or secretarial duties. Students will leave fully equipped to face all of the challenges that a modern office can throw at them, and will have the ability to make a positive contribution to any workplace environment.

      - Basic Vocabulary: Numbers, Parts of human body, Clothes, Weather, Time, Job and professions, Months of the year, Days of the week , Animals and their young ones, Gender, Wishes, Family and Abbreviations

      - Four Language Skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. They also learn Questions tags, Tenses, Active and passive, direct and indirect speech, Proverbs- wise saying, Letter writing: Informal letters, Formal letters, Application letters and C.V writing

      - Other lessons include: Gerunds, Instinctive, Transitive verbs and Intransitive verbs

      - Topics on Vocabulary include: Emotions and feeling, Sound made by animals, Health problems, and Expressing opinions, Hyphens, Street VS Road, Places in a city, Office equipment and Word and phrases

  • Subjects Taught

    • • communication skills
    • • office procedures
    • • computerized document processing
    • • commerce
    • • telephone techniques
    • • reception duties
  • Students learn how to:

    • • Work as part of a team in a busy office environment.
    • • Write professional emails and letters.
    • • Answer telephone calls.
    • • Make travel and accommodation arrangements for senior managers.
    • • Record office expenditure and manage floats.
    • • Distribute outgoing and incoming post.
    • • Welcome visitors and point them in the right direction.
    • • Manage purchase orders and invoices.
    • • Supervise and train other clerical staff.
    • • Using various computer packages like Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
    • • Stay calm and tactful under pressure.
    • • Organize busy schedules and calendars
    • • Manage and maintain the schedules of senior executives.
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