Don Bosco Kakuma

Vocational Course

AGRICULTURE of Fish, Crops and Poultry DEPARTMENT

Falls under Professional Courses

Aim of the course:

To educate and train students both women and men from Kakuma Refugee Camp and the host Turkana Community to be efficient farmers and to be catalysts of development in their own communities

Agriculture: Crop, Livestock, Fish and Poultry Farming Department consists of:
  • Module 1: Crop and Animal Production

    • Crop enterprise management
    • Land preparation
    • Nursery practices
    • Plant propagation
    • Planting methods
    • Plant breeding, crop pest and disease management
    • Annual & perennial crops: crop enterprise management
    • Organic farming technologies
    • Intensive kitchen home gardening
    • Crop enterprises
    • Livestock enterprises
    • Integrated farming standards
    • Organic farming standards
    • Marketing and economics of organic farming
    • Fruit crops: crop enterprise management
    • Agroforestry
  • Module 2: Fish Farming

    • Species and breeds of fish
    • Requirements for fish farming
    • Requirements for fish farming
    • Pond sitting and construction
    • Fish management practices
    • Pond management
    • Health of fish
    • Harvesting and processing of fish
    • Fish products and marketing
    • Economics of fish farming
  • Module 3: Poultry

    • Poultry enterprise in east Africa
    • Physiology of poultry
    • Physiology of poultry
    • Poultry management
    • Dual purpose (indigenous poultry)
    • Layer
    • Broilers
    • Turkey
    • Ducks
    • Geese
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